Friday, September 6, 2013

In Which Rumors of Our Death Have Been Somewhat Exaggerated...

Sorry about that, folks. Life has a way of getting in the way of your activities, and a LOT of changes have been happening in the Library since February, especially with staff:

- Charlotte, our Acquisitions Assistant for many years and a Circulation Assistant before that, retired at the end of May, and her position has been temporarily frozen due to budget issues;
- Kelly, a relatively recent hire as a Circulation Assistant, moved to another position on campus, and HER position was frozen as well;
- Tim, our Information Services Librarian for the last 10 years, left in June to move to Chicago (ok, the burbs), get married, and took another position;
- We have been down two part-time positions in Circulation due to departures and a reorganization

So as you can see, things have been a little crazy here in recent months.

I am very very pleased to announce that the Information Services Librarian position was filled at the beginning of August by Ms. Sarah Hill. Sarah comes to us with 13 years of professional experience at the Paris Cooperative High School Library, where she was VERY active in committees for both the Illinois School Library Media Association (ISLMA) and the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) on the national level. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable in the YA literature scene, and also has written and presented on technology, Library 2.0, and information Literacy in various venues. We are very fortunate to have added her experience and expertise to our library. She can be reached at extension 5440 in the Library, and via email at shill (at) Welcome, Sarah!!

We are beginning to see some glimpses of other staffing help on the horizon. We have hired two new part-time staff members who will be starting next week. As to other staff, time will tell - as the year progresses and budgetary situations become clearer, I hope we will be able to fill some of our other vacancies as well.

In the meantime - welcome back for a new semester at Lake Land College. Come and visit the Library and see what we have to offer you, whether student, faculty member, staff or administrator, or community resident. You are most welcome here!

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