Friday, January 27, 2012

Want to Search for Books on Your Smartphone?

Now you can, in a much more phone-friendly fashion:

LINCPac redirects to Mobile Catalog

[LTLS] been able to insert some coding into the LINCPac search page that redirects smartphone users automatically to a Mobile version of the Catalog (Library Anywhere).  If you have patrons that prefer to view your library's catalog through a mobile application, please recommend this new functionality to them.  

When mobile users access your catalog's web site, they will automatically be asked 'if they wish to go to the mobile version of the catalog' and they may be asked to download the free LibraryAnywhere App as well. It's free and it's easy!  Library Anywhere communicates with LINCPac and allows patrons to search, place holds, and view their account information.

Song of the Day: "Going Mobile" by The Who (from the album Who's Next)

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