Monday, May 2, 2011

One semester in (almost...)

Well, here we are nearing the end of our first semester back in our newly renovated building. It's been interesting, discovering issues that we had not really considered before in providing service, and the plusses and (so far, blessedly few) minuses of the renovated space.

Over our Spring Break (which was just two weeks ago, due to the oddities of our academic calendar), the latest addition to the building was added - a pair of graphics on our second floor next to the new break space there, announcing the name of the space. The name was selected primarily by students, and I am very pleased with how it turned out - "The Second Story". OK, maybe it's a tribute to the traditional view of a library - but we like it.

We have already had several suggestions for things that we should have had in here - including more students. No argument there -sometimes if you build it, they don't come. Some other things on the wish list: some computers upstairs, so that people can eat AND surf/do homework, a place where students could come in and get writing help (great idea, but where do we put it?), and multimedia stations in the study rooms (intended in the original design, but we didn't have the money, I think. It would also be very nice to have an electronic sign system in here, since lots of people come in looking for other places (or people on campus, and it would be nice to have a touchscreen system that could help people navigate their way around.

But all things considered, it has been a really good experience getting back to our place in the world.

Song for the day: Take 5 by the Dave Brubeck Quartet