Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Quick Updates...

Sorry - It has been a while since I posted anything to the blog. I really don't forget it, but it ends up being one of many things to pay attention to, and sometimes it gets moved down to the bottom of the priority list.

Library Updates:

1. The renovation to the LRC building continues apace. There is a new sign on the construction barriers - quite a nice one, actually - that explains to students, staff, visitors, and the more literate flora and fauna in the area about what is going on. However, it now lists the timeline as FALL 2010 - probably prudent just to allow for delays that might crop up. As far as I have been informed, we are still on or near schedule. Stay tuned - I will provide more information if that changes;

2. Look for a new and (IMO) greatly improved Library website, probably later this summer. Some parts are ready now, but the supporting pages and such are still works in progress. I think/hope that most of our users will agree that it is a leap in the right direction;

3. Tim and I are continuing the process of evaluating the collection and making updates to it. This is the first large-scale systematic effort at this in about 20 years (it takes a lot of time, so we normally just try to tackle small sections each year). It is certainly reducing the size of our print collection, which does cause consternation in some areas. However, Tim and I remain convinced that a smaller, more up-to date collection provides a more useful resource to our patrons than one that is larger but considerably out-of-date. It also gives us room to entertain more requests from faculty, and that's a good thing.

We are also in the process of updating two media collections to newer formats. The audiobook collection is largely phasing our books on cassette in favor of CD-based materials. And our older VHS tape collection has been in the process of being updated as funds and space have allowed since last year. For our more highly-used titles, there are frequently exact title replacements when available, and an updated title in the same subject when the original is not available in DVD format. If there are titles that you would like to suggest for consideration, please let me know.


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