Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Library Diaspora

Hello again. It's been two months since the last update on the Library, entirely too long. I plead end-of-semester craziness and the semester break for most of it, but that's still too long to let this go.

When we last left you, devoted reader, we were about halfway through the whole moving process. Well we did finish, and pretty much on time and within schedule. Reference and Circulation/Reserve services are up and running in NE 116, while AV is located across campus in VoTech 119, and Acqisitions and I are now located on the South end of Campus, in the West Building. On the whole, people have really been very nice about the occasionally chaotic situation. Out temporary landlords have been quite nice,  including us in building Christmas activities and the like, which has helped ease the transition somewhat. It is still a major adjustment to try to administer a facility from across the campus.

It is especially gratifying to learn that our original assumption about the benefits of locating the Reference and Circulation desks in proximity seem to be proven right almost daily, as both the Circulation desk staff and Tim have commented on how well the situation has been working  in enabling them to function more efficiently in providing assistance to students. This is the arrangement that we had hoped to implement when we were thinking about a reboot of the library space - but as is often the case, TPTB had different ideas.

The plan as it presently exists is to have the two service points on oposite sides of the building, which is the only part of the plan that I see as a truly bad idea (there are other changes, but we will adjust to them). I understand that certain members of my staff have been regularly commenting on this situation to just about any administrator that crosses the threshold, much in the same spirit as Cato the Elder's "Carthago delenda est!" Bravo / Brava...

So onward we go. The semester has started, and theoretically, we are supposed to return to our remodeled home in August-September (although December seems far more likely - I would much rather that everything got done right the first time, even if that means we have to send a little more time in our temporary quarters.

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