Monday, October 26, 2009

Off We Go...

It appears that the library does finally have a moving date at last. It isn't  completely firm, as the schedule flexes at need to accomodate glitches and unexpected situations. But as nearly as I can tell now, the bookstacks will start moving over to their new location - NE 118 - on or about November 10th. When the stacks are finished moving, the Reference collection, Tim, and the Circulation Desk staff (Judi, Brett, and the part-time workers) will be moving over with the rest of the collection (and will be housed in NE116).

At present, we do not anticipate having to store any part of the collection (with the possible exception of some journal back issues), and we hope to remain open to provide services during the move. We will do the best we can to do so, at any rate.

Technical Services (Charlotte and I) will be moving to the West building around the same time as the stacks begin moving. It is very likely that I will be working out of my present office on a temporary basis during the move.

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