Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait...

I had hoped to have some more solid information for you by now on the details of our move. However, but to circumstances beyond the control of many, we really don't know much more than we did two month ago.

What we do know:
1. When we move, the Library will be moving into NE116 and 118;
2. One room (probably 118) will be closed to all but library staff, and will house the library stacks. The reason they will be closed that, due to space constraints, we will only have 24" aisles between the shelving ranges, which does not meet ADA requirements for public access. We will have to pull materials for all requests, which we will likely do every hour during the day (possibly more often) while we are open. We will NOT be able to accommodate requests to pull materials on demand. So folks will need to plan ahead a bit;
3. A rudimentary Circulation Desk and the Reference Desk will be housed in NE 116, along with some high-demand collections (videos, best sellers, new books);
4. We plan to take the FAX machine, the Scantron, and the staff copier with us when we move, and will work out where they will go;
5. Tim will still be available to do library instruction sessions. However, he will need to take his sessions to instructor's classrooms while we are out of the building;
6. AV will be working out of the Field House during the renovations.

What we don't know - the very abbreviated list:
1. When the move will start happening - as soon as we do, I will let folks know;
2. Our hours - when we are in the present building, it will be possible for us to have weekend hours. When we move, that may not be possible/practical, but the issue has not yet been determined. Again, stay tuned...;
3. How the move will affect all services - access to databases should not be affected in any way. And we believe that we will still have access to materials that we borrow through LINC and through other libraries. But we don't know how the closed stacks will affect research, as many patrons browse to find items that they were not looking for initially. We will make the best of it, and try to do everything we can to help the patrons find what they need;
5. When we will return - that depends in large part on when we move out. It is also affected by the scope of the renovations that are planned - and they are significant. If everything proceeds along schedule, we should be back by or during the Summer of 2010.

As always, more information when it becomes available. Until then...

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