Monday, March 23, 2009

No News (is Good News?)

Hello, Faithful Reader(s),

I had intended our blog to be a weekly sort of update. But for a variety of reasons, there hasn't been a post in a month or so. So here's a quick update on what's happening here in libraryland:

* There is not much new to report on the move. It is beginning to look more likely that we will wait until sometime in July to start relocating to our new digs in the West Building (this will likely mean a move DURING the Summer Term, and we will get warning out to faculty and students as soon as we know for certain);
* It looks like a good thing that we are waiting to move, as we are going to have less shelving space than I had originally thought (and so we need to weed more of the current collection before we go if at all possible);
* We participated in a Dual-Credit fair at the Kluthe Center last week, which went pretty well, I think. Yours truly had to do a couple of short library presentations, and I was reminded yet again that there is a reason that we have Tim do most of these for our students;
* While we are worrying more about the move out than the move back in at this point, I am marvelling (yeah, that's the ticket...) at some of the things that I hear about what the place will look like when we get back. Further deponent sayeth not.
* Look for some updates to the library's collection of audiobooks in the coming months. As the cassette is making it's way onto the endangered list, we have been replacing some cassette titles with CD's and just weeding out others to make way for new titles. We don't have a ton of these, but they do circulate well, so keep an eye on that area (just behind the media shelves at present) as well as the New Media Shelf.

That's all for today. Spring is here at last, and with warmer temperatures there are also allergies. Oh, well - no such thing as a free lunch, after all...

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