Friday, February 20, 2009

The Greening of Lake Land (and the Library, Too!)

The efforts that have been under way since last year to move the College over to geothermal energy have garnered some more press. See the nice article from Construction Digest here.

And yes, this certainly does impact the Library. As I mentioned when talking about the weeding that we are doing, the LRC (the building that the Library resides in) has been moved up the list for renovation and conversion to the geothermal system. We first thought that we would be moving out of our present digs in December 2009, and we started making plans for that.

Well, I should know better - men plan, the gods laugh [administrators, too.] so I next heard that we might end up getting moved out in August instead, IF a bunch of possibilities lined up just right and the moon was in the 7th house (or something like that). 4 months before what we were planning for, but not terrible - we'd just have to move along on our plans a lot faster.

But wait, there's more...

This week, it was announced that there was a possibility that we could have to leave our home in MAY if things work out right, which we will know in the next month or so. OK, now we would be 7 months "early" - and from the looks of it, we would probably be out of the building for a full year. Well, who wants to live a dull life (or sleep, or stop thinking about how you're going to do this on time and get it right)? And most importantly, the end result of this is going to be something that is really very positive for the environment, the College, and the Library, too. We hope that, if all goes well and no one decides to get too excited with the redesign plans, that we may be able to offer some things that we haven't really been able to do before. I can't say more than that right now, because the plans are still not finalized. So this looks like it might be a definite plus for students, Library staff, and the College. So, stay tuned. I will provide more information as soon as I can.

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