Thursday, February 12, 2009

By the Numbers...

I just finished filling out a report that I have to submit every two years to the National Center for Education Statistics. It's chock full of numbers and other stuff that someone has decided are important to gather for libraries. And it is useful as a means of comparing ourselves to other libraries at schools our size. I thought I would pull out some numbers (as of June 30, 2008) to amaze/bore you:

* We have 8.5 FTE staff, including student and part-time workers (almost exactly the same as we had when I started here in 1991);
* We spent approximately $1.47 on electronic resources (read "databases) for every $1.00 that we spent on book, AV materials, and print periodicals combined (in 2004, that number was $1.13);
* we had 37,573 items (books and AV) in the collection (plus about 7,400 ebooks), 144 print periodicals, and access to over 21,000 full-text electronic periodicals through our database services;
*In an average week, there are almost 3,6oo visits to the LRC - it really isn't just 6 people 600 times each week...

OK, enough with the numbers. We also help a LOT of people, whether it is answering reference questions, directing traffic, answering questions from the public, helping fix minor computer problems, or just giving folks a place to come study a bit between classes. But that's why we're here. So don't be afraid to come ask questions - we're here to help.

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