Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Student Engagement, Community Colleges, and Libraries

Those of you who work in community colleges are probably familiar with a tool called CCSSE. The CCSSE website features a description of what it is that it is supposed to do, and emphasizes the importance of improving programs and services at community colleges. It also looks at institutional services and practices and student behaviors and their contribution to student learning and retention. These last two things are BIG DEALS for community colleges, and almost all of us are looking for ways that we can measure and assess our contributions. It's a really big deal to me, as I struggle to find meaningful activities that can help assess what my department does to contribute to student learning.

So you'd think that something like CCSSE would be a really good thing to help me do that, right? Um, not so much. Here is a posting to another blog (Michael Stephens' interesting and often challenging site Tame The Web) that sums up my frustrations with CCSSE. I could go into a lot more depth, but it would just be venting.

I commend Troy Swanson's comments to you for your consideration and reflection.

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