Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Library Systems need your help!

Lake Land College is part of the Lincoln Trail Libraries System, one of 9 current library systems in the state of Illinois. We share a catalog with over 95 additional libraries in the Lincoln Trail system (LINC), and our patrons can access those materials directly using their LLC library card. The financial crunch which has affected everyone else in the state has also affected the Library Systems, causing them to miss out on much of their funding from the state last year.

A note from the Illinois Library Association points out the plight that the systems are currently in:

ILA Urges You to Contact Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes

Take Action Now!

Important library services that many Illinoisans take for granted could come to an end as early as this December when library systems run out of money.  These systems, which have been running off reserve funding since the beginning of the fiscal year (July 2010-June 2011), will run out of money in December unless the state releases appropriated library system per capita grants.  We need the Governor's and Comptroller's help to release these critically needed funding, and help keep library services operating as expected.

Library systems have not received 47 percent of system funding from the State of Illinois for FY 2010 (July 2009-June 2010) and have not received any system funds for FY 2011 (July 2010-June 2011).  Many library systems have discontinued all but a few top priority services and have eliminated large numbers of system staff.  A number of systems only have reserve funds to operate through December 2010.

Illinois library systems are critical to library services, annually delivering more than 30 million items, which are loaned to library users statewide.  The online catalogs for more than 800 Illinois libraries are operated by the library systems and are used to circulate more than 45 million library resources per year to Illinois residents.  Library systems also serve all 102 Illinois counties with Talking Book Program services for residents unable to read conventional print material due to a visual or physical disability.

Illinois library systems are actively engaged in merger negotiations, seeking new ways to reduce costs and continue top priority services.  Without the receipt of payments appropriated in the library system per capita grant program, however, library systems that serve all types of libraries and millions of Illinois residents will stop services and close before mergers can be completed.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel


After nearly a year of being out of our location in the Learning Resource Center for the renovation work that has been going on, we are finally preparing to move back into our home.

The move-back will begin next Monday, October 25th, with my office and Technical Services moving over from the West Building. After that, Tim Schreiber and the Reference shelves and materials (and probably periodicals) will move over from NE 116. Next will be Circulation (Brett Roberts, Judi, Konesko, and our part-time staff) and the catalog workstations, and last but certainly not least will be the book stacks. It is hoped at this time that we will be back in place (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) by the first (week) of November. The relocation of the stacks and other materials may drag out for as long as 2 weeks, as that is a rather difficult and complicated task. But we are going to do our best to be ready to be completely operational as soon as possible.

I am sure that there will be interruptions to the process, and I apologize in advance for this. Moving a library is not like rearranging your living room, and there are a lot of things that have to line up properly to make this happen. Please be assured that we will try to be as ready as we can be as soon as we can be.

3 notes:

1. The elevator work is taking longer than we anticipated, and it is possible that it may not be in service when we open up. It will take as long as it takes, and we apologize for any inconvenience;

2. Audio-Visual Services will be moving in November, after the Library proper is moved. Becky Strohl will be located on the bottom floor of the building, working in the same general area as the Center (left as you go downstairs in in the LRC, past the women's room into the area which was formerly occupied by the IEL program;

3. We will have a space on the main floor adjacent to the Circulation Desk where the staff copier, fax machine, Scantron, and laminator will be located. As soon as I know the exact room number, I will let you know.